3 days and no washing

Normally I would be dead chuffed at not having a bath for 3 days. Not at the moment because it’s not my choice to not have a wash.

10,000 pounds is what it will cost to sort out all the wiring according to the man at the MEB. Still it’s not all bad, we only rent the place so therefore surely the holding company would be responsible for all this. I take this question to Ken who goes “I don’t know”. For fuck sake, its freezing cold as it is and you rent a place that you don’t know what you are covered for? Something very wrong here.

Every question that I ask ken gets shrugged off and is it just me or does anyone else start to get suspicious when people won’t look you in the eye when you ask them a question?

Guess it is still the waiting game now to see what happens.

3 days and no washing