Coffee Mug(ged)

“I didn’t break because I was already broken”.

So today I was up at 11am and went for a walk at 6. Thought it would be a top idea to go for a walk and get a coffee. A visit to my local posh Starbucks was in order, the one next to costa coffee.. right next door to it indeed.

Walk in and I ask for a Tall Caffe Mocha. What did I end up with, a cup with some cardboard and some chocolaty, coffeish tasting milk, slightly warm and took all of a minute to consume. And to think that I paid £1.99 for this “pleasure” what a freaking scam.

All this and my email get flooded with kind souls who are worried about my baldness, colon problems, erection problems, blood pressure and spam.

Too all concerened, ok I am going slightly bald but if it’s good enough for bruce willis then its good enough for me.

Colon problems, if you saw what came out of my arse you would see there are no problems. Erection problems… obviously you haven’t seen how much porn is on the internet. Blood pressure only goes up when I get spammed to death by people trying to stop spam. Go figure that one out

Also what is it with the weekend obession with death, hospitals, police and murder. Look at the tv listings, Frost, Holby, Diel and Pasco (spelt wrong because I cant be assed to look how its spelt proper). Wasn’t saturday night supposed to be about partying and going out or is it designed so that we go out to get away from depressing stuff like this? Im not asking for the generation game but overloading us with 3 hours of “britains best comedy” to make up for it is madness.

Darts… now that was entertaining tonight. To come back from 4 -2 down to win….

Coffee Mug(ged)