The truth is out there (and revealed itself)

So the truth comes out about why things happened with the pub and stuff and having no eleccy.

Wheter this is just idle gossip or not this is how the story goes. I finally elented and texted my mum today to see about trying to sort out my car or getting my stuff back. In a roundabout way I got told that her hubby was out and that I have to call the pub.

What a shocker to call the pub and find that it was OPEN! Running well and indeed sounding quite busy form the sounds of it on the phone.

Nikki has a nice long chat with me to tell me what happened, the main fuse hadn’t blown, more like it had been removed by the leccy board **Note all this is hearsay from one converstaion**. The reason why is because that a lot of money was owed to the leccy board. Then it turns out that it wasn’t the leccy board that was owed a shiteload of money, a shiteload of people were owed a shiteload of money.

Turns out that Ken has not been paying a lot of bills and so the electricity didn’t go down it was taken down. This kind of makes sense, the lack of the action by the holding agency, the time that he wouldnt tell me where his stuff is stored.

Because of being homeless and all that for a while I wasn’t able to get my stuff out. I was told that there was a skip, ALL the stuff was chucked out and then burnt in the said skip. Computer stuff, clothes and all. So now I officially know that all I have is with me here in this very room.

This does explain a lot now when I look back on things. A person carrying around a scary and I mean scary amount of pound notes in a wallet, the fact that they never had a bank account (strange for a business). Also remember in December I wrote about the damn right shiftyness of whenever I asked questions about what had happened and the very lack of answers? Suddenly everything makes sense.

Total amount of clothing
4 x tshirts
3 x jeans
3 x Underwear
2 x trousers
1 x tie
and a tube of toothpaste and associated brush

5 years of my life, ripped away and burnt in a skip, all my photos, personal stuff and a whole lot more to boot!

The truth is out there (and revealed itself)