Back to hell

We’re in the pub at a party, me, misses, a few mates. Till 3am and Im tired, ive been working out and trying to get back into shape to live a bit longer. So off we go back to a mates house. Lets call him Dave.

Dave is (now was) a very good mate. we been through a lot together and it was his party for people leaving where we did. As I do, I dropped people off and the misses asks me if its ok to stay and drink some more. Im not impressed, shes a nursery teacher, 19 and gets lary when drunks so I said that you HAVE to be in work tomorrow. She said that she would go home sometime.

All is good, I go home and man, i just cant sleep. No matter what Im wired, something is playing in my mind not letting me get to sleep. At 4.40 I get a text saying that Dave had burnt the pizza. I still cant sleep. 6.45 I get up and go for a drive. Thinking might as well check that the house hasnt burnt down.

I gets in my car, drive the 3 miles there and there are some lads asleep in the front room. Hang on, wheres is she is what comes into my mind. You know that feeling of your chest being ripped open in a state of panic and everything spilling out. Thats what happened before stuff happened.

The spare room was occupied with 2 friends and then thats when i heard it. The woman, her mate and my best mate in the same bed. I froze man, that sudden feeling of emptyness that comes over you when shit is about to hit the fan. I stood outside the door listening to them chat about random crap, make strange noises and then I heard ticking and stuff going on. I walked in.

Dave is on his side, woman is under the duvet (dressed) ticking him. i pull back the duvet to see her, she looked up at me, looks back at Dave and then carries on. I walk out the room to calm down, then go for a drive for 20 mins. I come back into the house shes in bed… still With her mate and dave. The guilty look said it all. There was no Im sorry staight away, no apology. She was still in bed with them all. I walk away again to just calm down cause Im upset. I walk back in and still in bed having a cup of tea with her mate. I said to her ” you not even bothered to get out of bed” then went to my car. Dave said nothing

Cant write any more for now. Too upset

You know things are shit to start blogging again, so this is my story of motivation to get back up and running with a blog.

Back to hell

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