Hello world!

Watching tv late at night, channel flicking and cracking one off to Trisha. Can’t be a bad life at the moment can it lol.. Welcome back MarxworldWith there being less than bugger all to watch night after night some serious channel swapping has been needed. Tonight I spent the night just swapping from one advert to another and there was advert for chewing gum that cleans your mouth at the same time as chewing (well duh!) On the next channel was a toilet block and then a dishwasher bloke that promised to remove all stains from each device. Strangely enough it seems that a mouth mint that cleans your teeth was is scaled down version of a toilet block on the other channel.

Plenty to update on the blow out page and the cam pics page when I either get time or drunk enough. Later today it is then!

Coming soon, aparantly Im a degenerate woman beater….

Hello world!

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