I could still fix it

After all thats happened I could still fix it. Looking back is marvelous but I know that what wasn’t there was being asked for and I didn’t provide.

The pain of letting myself and kari down like that is just so overwhelming at the moment its truly eating away at the insides of me.

On sunday when she went to bed early with this man after having a bath with him. The number of times the offer was put my way, the early night, a touch of romance the sex and cuddling. Sinking into your own world happens so easily that its painful to say the least when you come out of the bubble.

There is a bright new world out there and a new path to travel.

My time now flits between manic depression similar to moons ago and then moving forward. Problem is with moving forward is that the future is uncertain, especially when you the heart is heavy and will is low.

I could still fix it

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