R.I.P Jack

After the events of last night things are going from bad to worse.  Seems that my dog, well her dog is going to have to be put down, just to add to yesterdays misery.  Got to love text and email, the bane of any relationship to say the least!

From Kari
23/06/08 : 1206
R.i.p Jack !

My reply
Do what

From Kari
23/06/08 : 1215
Jack has to be put down! Thank u

My reply
I am sure sam will be there to help you. If you reported it to the police its not my fault he is being put down.

No other comments since then.  Well bar on face book where so far its been
K is pressing charges for all counts.

1:26pm – 24th June
K is pressing charges for the information hacking!

12:50pm – 24th June
K is pressing charges for all counts.

1:26pm  – 24th June
Kari is in pain!

6:35pm – 24th June
K is in pain! And feels awfull nauseous.

6:43pm  – 24th June
K is in pain! And feels awfull nauseous – horrid horrid antibiotics.

6:48pm – 24th June

So lets recap
Because she reported that she got bitten by her dog, the dog also went for this other fella as we well as me, its therefor my fault because…… hmm not sure Im understanding this.

For those that think Im a heartless creep, let me address that
I was the one to talk a very active dog , night in , night out whilst other parties were on face book or chatting to me.  Even when ill I walked her dog. Don’t get me wrong I loved it and loved Jack and he was a major part of my / our family.

Jack became a part of my life and one of the things that I looked forward to the most was him jumping all over me, soft sad eyes to play the “look at me being neglected” role.  In work during a stock take he never left my side, a true companion in every sense of the word.. and more.  All in my life I have never had the privilage, no matter how tradgic, to say good bye to a loved pet.

Jack in the garden

Jack in the garden

R.I.P Jack

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