Arriving into work this morning after a nights sleep, well if you can call it that was interesting. The amount of times these last weeks where I have woken with the same singular thought of… what’s gone on now, followed by the now defacto churning of the stomach. Turning out to be quite a prophetic statement

The sun was shining, a funny magazine article was laid on on the dinner table where we all commune. Not a bad start and then a fellow colleague informs me that Kari had got in touch with his misses to get a haircut for her brothers wedding. A stunned moment followed by shock wondering why on earth would she try to keep in touch with her, after all the mighty facebook has us all blocked and on limited profiles.

Sat here now I have an itching right nipple which normally means that something more is going to come out of the wood work. Yes it seems mad and no its not my clothes or anything like that.

Despite the issues between us I would never get friends to choose or put bad words into their minds. Unlike some, honesty, no matter how brutal is key in my life and have gave exact accounts of what’s happened. To live a life of a lie isn’t a path worth following


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