Just keeps on raining…

Well it was expected but again not in this fashion, what is the deal with the police being involved in everything that I have to do or say these days.  I have never said no, given off anything negative but once again Im on the back foot again.  It wasnt frigging me was it who slept with Sam Spiers so why am I the one being persecuted.

I am not the one who lied on oath to the police, cheated in the relationship, swapped pics with other men, abused work time or anything.  Damnit I am the victim here being persecuted beyond anything thats sane.

Right now, if she ever gets to read this, well done, you win, you got what you want and I hope that keeps you going in the cold of night when you aren’t having “buddy sex” with whomever as your past dictates.  I hope that you are fine with the idea of our, your son waking up with sam that morning.

Hey Mark

I know that XXXXX has tried to organise a swap of a few bits, and Id like to arrange that me and Dave come down at the weekend to collect the remaining items from your place.

Should this not be convinient then I will arrange a police escort during early next week to obtain entrance for my belongings.

Many thanks, and I jope you are well

Kari x

And then at 1721:

Hi Mark

I also ask that you be so kind as to pop all my pictures off the pc both from that puter and my old pc onto a disk for me please.  Id be ever so greatfull

Cheers Kari x

Just keeps on raining…

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