Dr Who Final Episode, journeys end more than apt


Look to the skies.
Look to the skies.

Was it just me or was the last Dr who overwhelming trying to cram in each and every plausible plot that was possible as if to make up for the fact that It wont be on for another year?



Why is it such that any major enemy has to be destroyed at the end of a tv show or film these days?  Dont get me wrong Im not asking for a step back to the 80’s and 90’s where villains each week would infuriatingly make an escape, then to reappear in a more cunningly disguised plot.  Haven’t the Daleks been killed off many times before?  Tis becoming a tad predictable.


Rose and her dodgy teeth
Rose and her dodgy teeth

What is going on with Billies teeth as well?  


A lot of people criticised her for loosing some of her chavness, reviting in the the role of a call girl with a posh london accent, to all those who say that. Wrong wrong and wrong.  The character had changed just enough to make her longing for the Doctor believable.  Seeing the universe disappear, knowing that Donna was going to die twice, one physically and then mentally, topping it all off after being dumped in a different universe some years ago just as the Doc was going to say 3 small words, I’d probably change and seem a bit deeper and darker.  Personally I was never a fan of Billie but sometimes in life you get pleasantly surprised.

For the most the finale which tried so hard to not revolve around Rose was great.  Lets forget the Rusell T Davis standard “babble with technotalk and suddenly we can destroy all the (insert monsters here) in the universe” things ran well.  The reliance to magic some miracle from the air does hark back to Batman in th last 80s (I think) era of writing.

You might note here that so far no mention of Martha Jones or captain Jack.  After missing a chunk of epsiodes last year, Marthas character never really appealed to me and smatters of “the first black timelord assistant” that oddly enough was never mentioned or talked about.  Either its not groundbreaking or it’s taboo to say that. Meh.. do I care?  Captain Jack doesn’t appeal what so ever, much like Torchwood, which just seems a machine for Russel T so say F*** or Bugger like real hard programs do.

Back to the Who with the moment of Donna becoming a Doctor.  A twist and a half which was appreciated but all the good stuff seemed to be, as with the whole show, towards the end.  Doctor Donna was a worthwhile moment even with its convulted moment of Donna declaring Doctor lacks imagination that only humans have.  The last 20 minutes made the show not only worth while but left me wishing more of th show had been concentrated on like this.

 A much untalked about is the Doctor and his humanity and lack off.

When the 2 Docs are together, one running away the other running into the mire it becomes clear why the Doctor isn’t and can never be human. “you committed genocide” and perhaps that was a clever dig from the T man at the way humans are.  This is where the best part of any Doctor who ep takes place.

Loosing a woman you care for to a worser version of yourself (ironic huh)
The moment of having to wipe Donnas brain, the explanation to the family.
Where Doc and Bernard Cribbins stand on a step, asking Who.. “but what about you?”  which culiminated in a real feeling of attachment to the Doctor as the flashbacks came of all that serve and die under the doctor.

Journeys end proved to be more than apt as a final title.  All good things come to an end, the doctor , separation from his companions and the viewing public to wait a year for some new episodes. Well we do have the xmas special coming.

Dr Who Final Episode, journeys end more than apt

2 thoughts on “Dr Who Final Episode, journeys end more than apt

  1. Linda says:

    If it had to come to an end, and it did eventually, I’m glad if she couldnt stay with the Dr. (original) that they gave her a ‘copy’ of him. So it was a bittersweet, but satisfying ending….AH but I’m going to miss David Tennant as “the Dr.”. For me he was the best of all. I was a fan of Rose Tyler’s, and so glad they brought her back for the ending. It had to be that way. Love you David, gonna miss you terribly!!

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