Today is the day

Well here we go then, bleaders (blog readers) that today kari comes and gets her stuff.  Have to admit to yet another sleepness night over all this but at least tomorrow its another stage in life that is now out of the way.

This mornig all her stuff that a mate had packed was put nicely outside.  Was a pisser getting her sons clothing sorted as it was in the washing machine from the last time kari had known what doing hosuework and not being on facebook all the time was

No dont think that because its lack of usage I have smelly clothes.  Good friends know how to look out for people.  I dont see what I should have to wash an exes kids clothes especially after she walked away into th arms of another man.  Yes he shouldnt have been bought into it but, like I said many times its not as If I havent offered three or four times for her to collect stuff.  Even on the sunday in question she said she wasnt sure.

10am ish – I go to work as normal feeling like shit, knowing the crap that is about to befall me.

She calls work but Im doing something important like keeping work under control.  Interesting point that sh calls work but doesnt call my mobile directly.  The call goes to the guy I work with.  Quite he refuses to get inovled in a personal dispute and passes the phone over to me.  I get to speak to heer on the phone.

Kari is in a right tizz and instead of being nice, starts taking a pop at me that only half her stuff is there.

Calmy I tll her that all her stuff is there and ask for specifics on what aparantly is missing, making the point known that I had third party help to get it all out

She keeps going on about needing access and stuff like that.  So again calmly I say what for.  The first item on the loads of stuff missing list.  Her calender……

I neeed stuff she goes
like what
(stalls again) i need access to get my stuff
Kari, tell me exactly what you want and where it is and I have no problems in forwarding it on to you.
No mark I want access

*sigh from me*

Ok, look its going to happen like this , if you can writ me a letter with (….. gets intrupted by her)

No mark, she goes Im not getting the police involved and then starts pottering on, mentioning that her kids bike is rusted and that his clothse havent been washed
again calmy I go…

well when you lived here did you take his washing out or put his bike away.  NO and as you said he was not my responsability….
Ill get the police involved
Oh ok you want to tell them you lived here for 5 months

(stalls)… no i will tell them you havemy stuff
Look I am under no legal obligation or right to let you have entrance to my property what so ever, as you have sought legal advice.. (gets cut off again)
she then starts geetting all hysterical demanding access.

So I just re iterate saying that under no circumstances are you getting house access.  If you feel the need to get the police involved then fair dues and we can look at the next stage of action.  However I am still more than willing to post any items you believe to be in my possession onwards.

she starts ranting, dunno about if she was crying but she was getting pissy and upset so I just said calmly

ive made my point clear, you have lied in the last few weeks on oath
no i haveent she cries…
We both know that is a lie on a lie…  look I dont know why you want look out for sam or whatever, i have nothing moree to say on th subject. Your stuff is outside
and then I hang up
2 mins latre
phone rings
colleague (another one) picks up

she starts going on at thim trying to get him to get my keys  or his misses
i get the phone off him
and clamly tel her to stop calling members of staff on work tim
Im calling a friend…. she informs me
we have a new policy on personal calls and I am terminating this one

A few hours later I go and check on th house and the stupid woman had left all the work stuff at my house when I had more than clearly stated that all personal and work stuff should and needs to be kept seperate.

There was always the nagging quesiton  of why was it that she was so adamant to get into my house and then it finally dawned on me.  Housing benefits..  She had been living with me for 5 months and still getting full housing stuff. So by getting into my place, remove all traces of her , she can get away scot free.

Today is the day

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