HTC Touch Diamond Goodness Arrives Tomorrow

HTC Touch DiamondBeing a geek means that when it comes to getting a mobile phone its a complete pain in the ass. There isnt one device that will do everything that I want to do when Im out and about or at home.  Phones start with a new feature but never really see things through, that was until I saw the HTC touch diamond.  I might never be able to get an Iphone 3g (damn you orange) but for all intents and purposes this might. just might be the phone I have waited for….

Things that I must have in a phone
FM Radio – Yes a touch antiquated but when out on a walk or a bike ride Im an avid radio listener. DVB would be nice to get some of the lesser known stations like planetrock 

3G – Just because im a geek and it exists out there.  Handy for moments when boredom strikes when dogging lol

Email and IM – Im not about to start wearing braces and going Ya… like in the yuppie days but seeing as I spend more time going to trade computer shows abroad its a cheap way to stay in touch.

Camera – Essential for me for when the creative urge strikes

Nice things in a phone Id like

Wifi – Free browsing at hot spots with Opera is just too tempting to not be able to want it. 

GeoTagging – A nice feature, not essential but living in pembrokeshire does provide ample photo oppertunities

Skype – Free phone calls on wifi, thank you.

Video playing – Train plane and automobile time killing.

Anways my phone is released today and orange just called to tell me its on the way.  I will admit to being a touch excited with regards to it and if all goes well, blog posts on the move 😉

HTC Touch Diamond Goodness Arrives Tomorrow

One thought on “HTC Touch Diamond Goodness Arrives Tomorrow

  1. mazensh says:

    Believe me, I don’t blame you … and the these features you are looking for should be available as basic requirements in any smart phone

    I bought tytn || couple of weeks ago .. I found what I need in a phone (at last) ..

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