A few things… Todays letter.

Todays shitfest of where things just seem to like dumping on me was a bit later in the day that I expected but non the less, yours truly is being shit on… again…

Are we ready for this..

Hey Mark

I could really do with having my driving licence and paper work from Dawn returning – driving licence most importantly really.

Also are my riding boots still at yours, troys life jacket (which was in the Van) and his 2nd blue  bike Id like to please.  Plus anything else you may find.  I can arrange to collect them if you let me know when ok

In case you are interested Jasons wedding went really well, Troy looked stunning as a pageboy – even if he did get “stage fright” in the church.  You were asked after a lot by my family as to firstly your absence and then as to your wellfare, in case that means anything to you.

Hope you are well


Ok… Soooo points…

1.  Why need the paperwork for a house that we aren’t getting together. Oh thats right because we werent living together for 5 months were we whilst benefits were being claimed.  

2. If she was that desperate to get all her stuff, then why leave her buggy and her garden chair in my garden that I have to sort out.

3.  With all the riding that shes doing at the moment I hardly think that boots are needed.

4.  The bike and jacket.  If I could be assed to look for them then I would.  Nice note here is that where are my clothes that she has at hers and my hat.  Petty but I did like that hat. 

5. The wedding. What the fuck. I mean, come on you really expect me to believe that the family asked how I was when no doubt vile rumors have been spread and the fact that I keyed her car.  Only 1 person I know of her family would even ask about me and I dread to think whats been said.  In fact if anything has been said then that is indeed a class case to look at prosecuting for slander.

Now you see here is the crux.  She needs her driving license for her new job (not mentioned in mail nor none of my beeswax) hence the being nice in the end of the mail.  The dawn paperwork is so that she has her copies of proof she lived with me.

Unlike her I would entertain a converstaion just to get things put right , however she is now in Karisworld where everything gets locked down away from thought and reason. You know like how you speak to some people and they are in their own world.  Yep.. I know that feeling.

A few things… Todays letter.

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