Smug cat news

Get in from a walk out for an hour and there is my beloved pet cat , smug, on the sofa looking all cute.  That is untill I sit next to him and notice that something is up.

He goes to move but his back legs arent working and there is that umistakable smell of cat injury that I have come to know over the last few years of owning cats.

He is now at the end of the bed with me not lookng well at all in some pain and breathing is a touch laboured.

Even tho kari has ignored me all night on some attempts to make contact, meaning that she has her own entertainment sortd i have text her about smug and she did reply.

If my cat goes then thats it for me.  That is the last thing i need right now is for my cat to go.  If he gets throught the night and I get him to the vet there is no way I can afford a massive vet bill right now.  Fuck.. all this on top of everything.

Will post more soon

Smug cat news

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