Smug cat and life updates

Took him to the vet to day for an emergency appointment, his tail was busted open in 2 places showing the actual muscle at the top and ihis back right paw was very sore.  Vet said that he was very lucky to get home as it seems he must of used all his strenght remaining to do so. Onceagain my instincts were right because

I text Kari last night just as a mate and no reply and I kinda knew that she had a mate round called neil.  Well I say a mate he sleeps over now and again.

I asked if they were in a relationship and she said that none of htem are ready for a relationship just yet.  So i say abot waking up to troy and she says that its diffrent from being just a buddy as she has know this guy for years aparntly.  Troy hasnt cottoned on that its another man in bed with her either.

Had a breif chat on the phone and I did smething stupid (part one) of saying to her that thigs shold hae never fell apart this bad, I was generally sorry and that no matter what I will always love her.  No reaction from that bar her suggesting that if we wanted to continue this chat best tdo so at a different time.

I then said look please dont use me when you are bored because neil isnt around because thats unfair (like texting me when boredom strikes, even tho I so so so want it to mean something) as thats not fair and then I finally said it.  My good bye to her.  I shall leave her well alone now and this time I know that its final and I wont hear a word from her.  Something instintual says it because it was made clear to leave things in her control and hands if she wants to talk.  Yes stpid thing to do as she has control now but thats up to her. The hardest thing to do is always the right thing and the right thing, is to walk away, block all contact.

That being said tho where the hell is my mind at.  Why the hell did I do stupid thing number 2.  Walking about I had a desire to get her a teddy.  Saw a couple of nice bed time cuddly ones but then out of chance there was a small piglet for 75p in the charity shop.  I got it for her took it home and put a nice note in there saying

He looked like he needed some company.  A great driving partner and love cuddles, please look after him!

Why chappell, why.  Because it was nice. Nothing more nothing less.

Untill I get a pll thingy installed on here leave a comment on what you think her reaction will be tomorrow.

1.  See it as a nice gesture (my wanting thought)
2.  See it, go meh and just pass it to dog or son
3.  Refuse to sign for it knowing its from me
4. How much shit you think ill get for it.

Leave your comments and if anyone knows how to place a poll on a hosted wordpress page, let me know.

Smug cat and life updates

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