minibook™ Ultra-Portable Laptop | –

I really need to satisfy my gadget lust at the moment.  Being a road warrior as well and  the ideal geek who needs something because I think that it @might@ come in useful I came across this little Ultra-Portable Laptop….  Boasting WIFI, SSD technology, 3 x usb ports I really am struggling to find a decent fault with this for the urbanist warrior in me…

Product Features

· The next generation of affordable mini-laptops is here
· An ultra compact, lightweight and durable solution – just 650g!
· An ideal travel companion with built in Wi-Fi technology…now you can be truly mobile
· Ideal for web surfing, email, word processing and spreadsheets
· SD / SDHC Card reader
· Built-in Wi-Fi ( IEEE 802.1 b/g ) USB dongle
· 10/100MB Ethernet port
· 2GB SSD (soild state disk) shock proof storage
· Expand the storage with USB or SD Flash Memory (not external hard drives)
· Supports up to 4GB SD cards and 4GB USB sticks
· DDR2 128MB memory
· 3 x USB 2.0 ports
· Stereo Speakers and built-in microphone

minibook™ Ultra-Portable Laptop | –

minibook™ Ultra-Portable Laptop | –

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