Social Exclusion

Basically a sit rep on life at the moment.

Alcohol has now battered my body into a form of submission where everything now feels saggy and like a massive weight on every single part of me.  Despite working less on a pc at home now, more so than ever, rsi has kicked in with a vengance.  I could and perhaps should go on but the 4 people a day who come across this blog  never read this crap anyways.

I don’t sleep in a bed room no more, the torrid month of August has seen damp in places where you dont think its possible. Leather belts seem to be mutating back into a cow with the organic crud infesting on top of it all


Back to blogging again. Just had one of those conversations where people are finding fault with all and sundry and yet no real positive vibes from anyone.  Its times like that I miss Kari being around as she was a battler on, well not my side, but the whole company.  This is wrong that is wrong and no one comes up with ideas, up I step to the mark again to be met with more wrongs.  The end was a question of giving up and letting everyone speil out what they think.

Issues are heading towards us that have been pointed out today, all of which were met by a shrugging of the shoulders and no answers  One person only has so much creativity, with a battered mind, soul and needing to sleep, its not the easiest of things.  Bearing in mind with some decisions a team decision is needed, thats not happening either. God the list is endless at the moment about work, however work is work and need to keep that out of the blog really.

Back to my sit rep.  Money wise… fuck….

Car – 350 quid to get her back on the road
Van – New breaks on front.. Shall we call it 150
Rent – 320
Cat bills – 100 quid to pay
TV Work – 35 quid to pay

Well thats pretty much the wages gone before Ive even woken up in the day.  Must get the pc up and running tonight and ebay off what I can, if I can afford the fees.  If I get google adwords up and running, do me a favor and just click one!

So trying to find the positive now then.  Home time in about 20 mins, back to the damp pit, sleep, wake up, try to eat, goto pub which is going to be infested with a hen party or people that will be going to a hen party. Yey.. cant wait for that (sarcasm)  I did say that I wouldnt go tonight.  Another night in the corner but if i make sure that my phone has charge at least I can geek out a touch. update
Coming up to week 1
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Need food and sleep so will blog more laters.  Going to be frigging hot tomorrow tho as the mist is rolling in.

Social Exclusion

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