Thursday – Offically a write off

Why do I bother? There has to be many other things to do than stand there in a pub on a quiz night on my own mooching around with people trying to foist my company on people or just looking for some human interaction. After spending a bank holiday where I spoke to a total of approx 3 people in 3 days you do lookfor that sorta stuff.

So to my amazement with SW, girlfriend of SP gave me a text actually INVITING me out to the pub for the quiz.  There was momentary shock and wonderment of suspicion, seeing as the last 6 weeks of being on my own Ive been the equivilant of a social outcast.  In some part my doing I suppose but its always nice to have an invite.

Getting to the pub they are sat there and in a different area, not with their friends and family and that was the key and hence the invite. They werent out with family and so an invite was extended.

Drinks were downed and then the topic changes for things a touch sour. Covnerstations about Kari, what shes up to and how well shes doing.  Then GD comes along, SM makes a comment about how hes changed now that he has a new flame in his life, I make the same comment to SM and thats where it all starts to go wrong

SM’s attitiude has been frigging awfull but for a man whos just lost 40k thats more than understandable, something that I am trying to fix and people forget said fact.  Decisions are made in work by one person now.  Ill cite an example

We work out pricing in work for products on a spreadsheet
This takes the average price of those items from all supplies, irrespective of being in stock
hence the problem, a lot of people still ist items with the old price, making the average figure no longer relevant.

To me this is quite important as a day to day thing goes.  Ive said when can WE look at it, how can WE sort it.  Saying when are YOU sorting it never gt thigs done and if its a collective effort and made to seem like others are in charge you stand a chance of getting things done.  Whenever a suggestion is made is I cant do this ,im too busy, Ill doit along with the other things I have to do.  So again with a rationed head I suggest that we prioritise things.  There is the day to day but god, please someone think about the long term.

Ill cut to the chase.  After an arugement where SM walked about because, as normal, I never get to finish a sentance, so if you hear half a story expect to get the hump. If people dont want ot listen what are they to expect. Its never about proving me right or listening to a fresh perspective, the people I work to want to prove themselves wrong first rather than listen to what I got to say.

Long story blog more in a bit
Its HIS company
we are all HIS employees
HE does most of the work
BE selfish like him
Just because he doesnt have any rent or mortgage to pay hes still poor.

I can sympathise because he is becoming his dad but with only more arrogance that youth brings.  Needless to say a touch upset about this all so I will flesh out this post later.

Tonights lesson learnt

Thursday – Offically a write off

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