Nadal v murry – Tennis aceness

Just back from the pub where I watched one of the best tennis matche that I have personally witnessed in a  long time, murry now goes on to meet Roger Federer.

What struck me was there was such a diverse range of people there watching a FREE sport, not a pay per view and its struck me that sky is as much to blame for the decline in the pub trade as much as petrol and beer.

Its been proved that when ITV showed Amir Khan boxing last, all the pubs were rammed. My first memory of a pub being full when boxing on is when Bruno fought Tyson in match one, the 2nd time was my first proper date in town with KF.  Amazing how the simple things trigger off bad or good memories.

I digress, the fact that there were londoners (snobby gits) and locals all watching a sport that normally is reserved only for those 2 weeks when wimbledone is on, cheering a scot was somewhat heart warming.  In no way was it a coming together of minds but even the most strictest of pubs in my area relent just a touch to let us all watch a great sporting moment.  Everyone clapped and applauded Murry on his victory.

After 8 deuces, doubt was cast on murry as he went down a couple of games.  The mental blockage of going back and forth should of put nadal in the lead for game set match, yet after a lull, if you can call it that in a game of such strength, murry came firing back and then it was Nadal frustrated, seemingly unable to break down the game to a power level and snap the opponent mentally.

With Murry now in the final, its time to do the British thing and cast doubt on his performance and if the training and stamina is up to those levels which the americans seem to constanly level at, bloody high. Sure the divide is lessening and we have made ground but why do we only have one player.

The americans and indeed other countries are constant but here in blighty we love our heros and to place everything on the shoulders of that one individual.  Perhaps its just the media and we do have people in the wings, waiting quietly to make a breakthrough, for 1 I personally hope so.  We seem to have a culture of one time winners whos whole career build up to that one moment and then retire. Kelly Holes and Damon hill are names off the top of the head.  Perhaps we do have  a system funded by the stealth tax that we all willingly call the national lottery, ready to provide us with hope in 2012 and thereafter but that conspiracy is for another post.

Personal Entry for those who come here via wordpress tags

On my blog regular reads I spotted this about me

Chatted a bit with SM last night – i’m worried about him but it’s hard to know what to say sometimes. He’s so down but won’t listen to any advice, and it’s immensely frustrating to watch him self-destruct.

From this website.  Interestig how a person who barely knows me can read me and worries me a touch, however she is right.  It wasnt until tonight that I found that the pillow case that was just washed is fucking mouldy in the front room, the one room thats clean and non damp which I now live in.

After thursday night Im more than lost. I am stuck here in a rut that normally I could think my way out of, execute a plan, come out from the brink.  I used to be able to do this and that quite easily but thats gone. Nothing scares me more now then when I look in the mirror, deep into my eyes and see, well, nothing. There is nothing there, just blackness. For the first time in a very long time, to say im scared… thats an understatement.

Nadal v murry – Tennis aceness

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