Snells update, Warcrafting

A special update bceaues ive been slack and PS (you know who you are snelly) asked for it.

Last night was actually ok. Got out of solva to meet and old mate who had been working on a cruise liner for a few months.  It was one of those situation swhere its just easy to chat, there is no social pressure, no hiding behin you cant say this or you must say that becaus someone somehwere will disagree with you.  A mental workdown if you like which is what we all need at times.

Here is the tricky part, with being away for so long there were obviosuly a lot of people to catch up with her.  No problem so far with the ones and twos but then we were beset by 3 of her female mates sitting with us.  Most will know that my confidence was down through the floor, interesting I say was without thinking, but as it was a chilled out night. Me.. the chappell managed to have a chat with these lovely ladies and no get it wrong at all.  No over the top antics due to desperate nerves, no getting so smashed and trying Tommy cooper jokes.  It was almost like being normal, charming and witty. 

One was is a mental health nurse.  Turns out that shes just been dumped by her fella and her mums been diagnosed as not being well at all

One has done exotic dancing on her travels

The other one with the black hair I think is just a posh so and so but its easy to break through that when you find a common line of humor

However a night out is never a night out without a Chappell incidident.  Mental bird was a bit tipsy and actually asked us if we were going to the club, which was declined because taxi was booked for an escape from St Davids long in advance and you dont mess about with the local taxi firms.  Im checking my phone to make sure that DJ is on the way to pick me up and she says , hey take my number and keep in touch. 

Stunned to say the least, this has NEVER happened to me before.  I take down her number, text her..  Fail.  I hope at this poitn that its the signal in the area.  I get home and try the same number.  Fail… So the one time I get a number i put it in my stupid phone wrongly.

Ok yes, people reading this will thing that it would lead to nothing however, she did genuinely look like she just needed that buzz of texting and then taking control of her life by then having to make excuses not to talk to me.  Hard to explain but it would of been a pick me up. Theres a part of me wanting tothink she might feel shitty that i didnt text which is why I wanted to be able to text her.  In hindsight and PS will agree with me on this, Ithink the worlds flying fuck and not giving need a, need to be re arranged

I am trying now to cut back on getting hamemred so i turn tothe last bastion of being single, World of Warcraft.  From Lvl 15 to 22 (just leveled up) in about a day. Just a touch rusty at the moment.  I do fancy a differnt MMO tho so if there are any suggestions let me know.

Snells update, Warcrafting

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