ElonexONEt+ Silver Mini Review

Elonex 1t+ Netbook
Elonex 1t+ Netbook

Well my Elonex ONE+ mini laptop arrived the other day.   My thoughts so far.  Pointless.  A complete waste of space and its rare that a gadget will hit my doorstop and fail to envoke any type of excitement of trouser excitement.  The marketers did a good job of this even suckering yours truely and thats the last time that I get a product if I cant find even one single review.  Basically if you think of a netbook thats powered by by a Spectrum 128k+ with a color screens coupled with buttons that have the tatile feel of using a sledge hammer then you are thinking along the right lines.  Read more here. EBAY AUCTION NOW ON!!

To make matters worse an “upgrade” pack was offered along with this for an extra tenner and then the laptop case for another tenner.  Well ok thats forgivable as postage alone on a laptop bag is more or less that

Mine comes with the following spec
Bluetooth, 2Gb, 256Mb
Jet Black Chassis (yes I know its silver, dont know what happened there)
Splash-proof Removable Keyboard
Power Pack
User Manual
ONEunion access
1 Year Warranty

Now don’t get me wrong, to expect a power house with zippy response wouldn’t be fair on something for that cost and it can do what it says but that’s a grey line….

I could, for example, swim across the channel, and trading standards wouldnt be able to take a hammer to that statement.  Yes the Elonex one+ can browse the internet, slowly.  To put into comparison my smaller HTC Touch Diamond managed to load and render the same pages quicker AND faster than the ElonexONEt+.

If a page has flash then become a private doctor because you will need loads of patience (see what I did there)

Interestingly enough a google search for ElonexONEt+ Silver reveals nothing at all.  This leads me to wonder where is this being pitched at, yes it was about before the EEEpc stuff but, in my mind at least, if you are going to offer a device as in introduction to computers it needs to be better.  A first time experience for anyone using a device will lead to wonderment about what all the fuss is about with that new fangled interweb.

The keyboard feels like some spare parts from the old Psion era but without refinements which lead psions to take the lead at the start of the decade.  To say that the mouse buttons are firm is an understatement.  Having used it for a few hours you soon realise that you type, move your finger over the button and press with a touch of force.  It’s really not fesable to use the side of your thumb unless you have shrek type hands, and if you did you wouldnt be able to use the keys so tightly packed together.

As for the screen is what to be expected for something of this price, vibrant and clear though you do find yourself leaning forward into it to view things, again rendering a bit of a “whats the point” feeling of the device.  Netbooks as a whole really have been lost on me.  Either get a decent enough mobile phone or get a small laptop that actually has some processing power.

So far the experience has left me feeling like Im more on dial up than a portable device i could take anywhere with me.  Definatly not for a small business trip as trying to bring up data in front of clients is going to take too long.

In my next update Ill post about the MSN client, Pidgin, and see how we get on from there.

Updated on 16/5
Seems that this is the most popular page on my little old blog.

So its been a few months and I have to say that I havent, if at all barely used the thing. Its just too slow and even when you do wait for a boot up forget anything to do with flash based browsing.  It really does kill the cpu and what with the advent of the new netbooks it is looking a tab obsolete at the moment but its the price tag that really sets it apart.

Ok so its slow but if you just want to twitter, facebook on something that can be hooked up to a monitor then ok it just about passes muster… just but like I say my phone (htc touch diamond with the new room) is more responsive and at least has apps written for it that use it properly.  One something like this things need to be simplified and almost designed for an underpowered netbook.

Ill get some screen shots up if there is a bit of demand for it.

No demand for screen shots, shame really as this is one of the most read articles on my blog.  however… I do have it for sale now on ebay!!

But seeing as I’ve put the pics on ebay I might as well put them here as well

The Elonex is now up for aution on ebay starting at a low price idea for an xmas present etc

Elonex ONEt+ Full Specification

Processor and Ram

Clock speed 0.4 GHz
Processor type Jz4730 RISC
Processor manufacturer Ingenic
RAM installed 256mb

Storage Hard Drive

Hard drive size 2048 GB

Interfaces / Networking

Ethernet Yes
Infrared No
Bluetooth No
Wireless networking Yes


Display technology LCD — TFT
Display diagonal size 7 in.
Maximum resolution 800×480 pixels


Audio inputs/outputs Mic, headphones
Built-in speakers Yes

Dimensions / Weight

Dimensions (W x H x D) 210x30x140mm
Weight 625 kg
Available colours Black, White, Silver, Pink, Other


Battery technology Li-ion
Battery capacity 2100 mAh
Number of batteries supplied 1
Estimated battery life (mfr) 3 hours
Max batteries supported 1


Operating system Debian Linux
Included software AbiWord 2.4.5, Gnumeric 1.6.3, Bon Echo Web browser (based on on Firefox 2.0), Sylpheed email client, ePDFView, rgbPaint, CUPS printer driver support

ElonexONEt+ Silver Mini Review

6 thoughts on “ElonexONEt+ Silver Mini Review

  1. Nev says:

    Damn, I just ordered one. And it was ONE only, no plus. Absolutely spiffing. Fabulous. I take it I just wasted my mediocre amount of money. I bought it for taking out to do work, to then transfer to my laptop later. What a bummer. I hope I can send it back if it is as bad as you make it sound.

  2. DieSse says:

    I just got my onet+ – and it’s great – does everything it says it would do. And you can’t ask for more than that!

    If the specs aren’t what you wanted – you’ve chosen to buy the wrong thing, and that’s your fault.

  3. Marxworld says:

    Im not saying that it doesnt do what it says. It does it all just.. very …slowly and that way my point. You obviously have way more patience than me but I do find it ironic my phone does the same but faster.

    What has been your usage, battery life, the keyboard, how about some real feedback 😉

  4. Zed says:

    I got my ONEt+ yesterday and its going back. No video can be played on it and it interferes with digibox in my room, so when i wanna surf the net (very slowly) i can’t have the tv on!!! Yes for that price it wasnt gonna be an Alienware but its difficult to live with. I would rather have my money back!

  5. Jo says:

    got my onet+ yesterday for christmas.
    have to connect to internet every time you turn the thing on !
    my keys are broke
    and the internet is that slow its untrue
    carnt have flash player
    i really do not see the point in this thing at all!
    to be fair its a watse of money
    and mine is going back !!

  6. davey says:

    i have one and its half decent, what i REALLY want to know is how to get up the boot menu!!!!
    i heard you can run puppy linux on the thing but finding out how to do so is getting thin.
    any help? :]


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