Title here, what the hell

This morning was another hard one, legs actually refused to move for a few mins to say the least, the mind wasn’t even willing to move.  If it hadn’t been for smug needing feeding then I really doubt that getting into work would of been an option again.

Had a brief chat with SW whos informed me that the friday drinks that I miss did indeed go ahead.  This is something that has would be up becase BD, who works for us, was asking about if we are doing and yours truely doesnt get an invite.  Yet again the understanding part of the brain kicks in, I mean who wants someone looking on the verge of homelessness hanging around being all depressing. Thats just the thing, when in a social situation, the brain kicks in al its almost a sense feeling normal, alive, back when entertaining was easy.  Should there be feelings of hacked off ness?

To further compound this, there were plans for a night out in STD, the usual crowd venture down to my local, then to another one with a view to heading towards STD.  It really does feel like actual exclusion now and not just parnoia of sorts.  Perhaps the aim is to encourage me to do stuff on my own in some peverse fashion, however perhaps a bit of company and support might not go amiss

Feelings are still amiss in the office, agendas seem to be everywhere and I will admit that circumstances have forced me to work outside the company. Still the way to look at it is that these people have money to try things that cant be done in the remit of work.  If it works for them it will mean that a roll out can happen for work. Third party testing.

Title here, what the hell

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