A state of mind

Pre sat night going out update.
Tonight is the end of season party at a pub called the Farmers.  No idea what this means and the only reason that Im going is because i invited myself in such a way. Well if people are going to talk about things like that and then try to back track when I hear about it.. Tough.

So I try to get a mindset of just going out, having a few drinks and sitting down in a corner with people I know and just people watching.  Then again isnt there the state of mind to . Yeeaaahh party, visualise getting laid or whatever.  Does that sort of state of mind work?  Its happened enough to me inthe past to be carefull what you wish for as knowing me itlll only come out bad.

Prediction for the night
80% chance of sitting there bored, bumping into the ex ex who will then either go down the ignore me route or the route of massive shows of affection for her fella (who cares).  SW will bump into some st davids mates, do shots, get paranoid at SP turn into a headcase and then it being award for a while.  On the side of this GD and his misses will be out so it its 2 couples ill make my excuses and limp back so solva

20% chance of not just ending up in the one pub like always and going out and about to see some different things

100% chance my hair will look crap like normal

<2% chance i run into that lass who gave me her number from the other weekend and thinking of it bumping into NO who is also out with her new fella. Its been a record year for couples getting together..

I have a new twitter page that I will try to update as the night goes along, always funny to see drunk ramblings http://twitter.com/mwnn

Oh for anyone whos made comments on the blog, i will reply shortly. Some people have had kind words to say!

A state of mind

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