The therapy continues

According to the therapist that I only have 3 more weeks with, surpringly I am clinically depressed. Wow like I didnt diagnose that for myself.  My score was a lovely 16 out of 50 putting me in the special bracket.  Do I really need to know that work is escapism??

The question that was asked of me was “what do you want to get out of this”.  This was a hard one to answer and really should I been answering it. Wasnt it her job to diagnose the best thing for me and lead me into an answer. 

According to her im articulate and very gestular, meaning that I wave my hands about a lot.  Also noted was the descriptive detail in which I describe my situation.  As a psycologist perhaps that positive, or more likely, the fact that I never get to speak to anyone these days leads me to be able to think so much upon how I feel and dwell on feelings that its no wonder that being descriptive is so easy. In other words, no shit sherlock.

45 mins x 6 is what is given to turn thing around, put a positive out look at thing and retrain my brain in the ways of CBT.  Lol she was a touch shocked when I said I knew about this already, perhaps reading all that “shit” online was a good thing after all.

The question remains however, what do I want to get out of all this.  At the moment I am clueless

As I am writing this in a past tense with it being sunday, the answer didnt arrive with me till saturday night whilst in the midsts of it all

The therapy continues

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