Lowering expectations

Been meaning to write this for well over a week.  At the last shrink meeting it was all about the following.
1.  What would make me happy?
2.  Do you ever see happiness again?
3.  Lowering your expectations
4.  Change the way you see things

God im tired as it is and this is just a mind melt to say the least.

Time for a brew I think and then an explanation of the above points.

1.  What would make me happy
going back a few months and doing one single act differently.  Each day it haunts me from the moment that I wake up and go through each morning what I go through every day.  That in itself answers that question, seeing as that is impossible its a rare time that I have nothing to write.  Sure getting the money situation in mylife sorted out would make things easier.  What does make it easier is getting home, drawing the curtains,sleeping.

2.  Do you ever see happiness again?
No.  Thought long and hard about this one.  Point 4 sums it all up

3.  Lowering your expectations
Seems that if you know someone you have worked with for 5 years, gone through a lot together, dont expect a hello or to be acknowledged.  Just don’t expect it.  What perhaps in my views is just manners (see changing views) or just normal, what being bought up with manners is all about, in my view, is now wrong. 

4.  Change the way you see things
This is a crux.  Thinking things were unfair unsettled me, made me slightly resentfull and looking for things to blame other than me but that was the point. I take all the blame sqaurely on my own shoulders and then I realised that.. well.  Depending on your thinking most things happen for a reason, even randomness happens for a reason.. and this takes me from realising things are unfair to it being deserved.  No thats not a way of justification and by god certainly doesnt make things any easier on a day to day basis.

Everyday is a challenge to look at things through new eyes.  The psych woman pretty much isnt getting me or perhaps she is but there is a lack of understanding of hwo I work.  Its not like rash decisions are made and things are pretty much thought through

Lowering expectations

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