Weekend update

Quick one this
Decided to do some painting, see if a few changes in the house.
Bob called me and we went to town, took 20 mins to get paint and some other bits.

Hit the supermarket and boom.. black clouds descend as is KF’s brothers car and start crapping myself.  Fortunately they went into town whilst I did shopping, well I say shopping, cash point said no so whatever I could get for a fiver came into play.  You can live on less than a pound a day for food.

Home and started painting, took a few hours and two coats later, several cups of tea and bicuits, there is now color in the front room.  Not bad and nailed a pizza earlier on, there is a world of difference between a quid and a two quid pizza to say the least!

As part of @getting better@ and doing things just because, its time for a shower. Routines are supposed to help and whilst I agree with that life just feels like getting through and getting by.  Still, shower, fresh clothes and tonight I will do something different, shock horror, goto a different pub.  Also there is a chart that measures moods and rating, at the moment its a dizzying …. 3

**back home update**
Well …. interesting
Ended up going to the rugby club.  Basic events are…
Getting abuse and being called a c**t and some general crap, even tho I hadnt done anything wrong what so ever, seriously i couldnt have minded my own any more if I had tried.

being told im an embaressement.
made all the more worse by a girl that I have had a soft spot for ages..  She just ticks all the boxes for me.  Ok she was hammered and seemed to be really upset and with no other motive in mind and being the soft twat that I am , just wanted to see if she was ok.  And I quote @just fuck off will you, look at your self your embaressing me@  Pissed yes but that didnt stop other attempts to make sure she was ok.  Irony is that women who gave abuse to me earlier on was her mate and it was her that I was asking to see if her mate was ok.

Coupling off
Ahh yes, one of those dreaded nights in single town where you know what happens.  Its a group of people and its that time wher things click with them and tahts the night they all end up in a couples situation.  Not bitter and somewhat heart warming, thus reminding me of a better time.  A much better time.  Some responsabilty lies with me as the games that the 2 were playing of this shy coy stuf, talking to her i asked is she liked him, the smile gave it away, so im my o so not subtle style, laid it out on the line for her, 1min later she walks up to him and puts her arm around her.  Nice.

No chance, out of your league etc.
One lass that I think was looking generally at me, who the hell knows I ask someone I know and get told to forget it.  Good reason she was younger than I imagined and then to ask about the drunk lass who I liked and to get told that there is no chance in hell for me.  makes me realise

Why did I have to fuck up with KF. Fuck fuck and FUCK.

Weekend update

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