Max Payne Movie Review

Well the Max Payne movie sucked.  It just didnt to seem to take the time that the 2 computer games that I loved.  Im not sure if it was teh time of the film, bad acting but stuff didnt seem to click, there was no sense of desperation as the character jumps out as being hard done by in a basement for no good reason so that makes it hard to have apathy for the lead role.

Like when southpark did the parody of Indiana jones where lucas and the berg machine raped the franchise by the introduction of Aliens, Max Payne seems to do the same.  Monsters that represent the floating into  a sleep like state, aka death, didnt seem to stick.  Ok yes it was a metaphor for taking drugs (chasing the dragon) but again just felt so removed and reeked of a lack of an idea to make it plausible.  All in all I wanted to feel a part of the film, part of the action and feel the characters pain but the bond and the immersion i the film just simply never came.

New Job
Well after 7 weeks of therapy and the addage that something has to change I finally made a small change, though thats not without its problems  The original role was for a PC engineer.  Simple can do that standing on my head. The interview was bout that to start with and then progressed onto how tho grow the company increase exposure, what can I do to manage things and make them more money.  Sheesh I wanted a role that I just go to, work  switch off from all things Tech and make a bit of money on the side.  Now, after being offered and taking the role, its going to be a lot bigger.  However I really don,t want to do the work, I will give ideas and get people to execute but the donkey work of making ideas happen isn’t something  I want to do myself.  Others can do that and I will push things along.  After all 5 hours a week doesn’t give me much time.

Max Payne Movie Review

2 thoughts on “Max Payne Movie Review

  1. Phil says:

    I’m glad to see you’ve made a move to get a new job, hopefully it’ll inspire you, bring back the fired up and confident M you used to be (you’ll be laughing at the monitor right now, I can see it).

    I know we don’t talk as much as we used to and I bitterly regret all the shit that went down a few months back but I hope you get back on your feet properly, it’s never too late and as i’ve said before if you ever need to get away from Solva let me know, my door is always open for you..

  2. From a true fan of the video games, I found myself mildly entertained by this guilty pleasure. I know it’s not the greatest thing ever, but I was still watching it, even in its worst moments. Nice info, check out my review when you can!

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