So immensly tired right about now.  Shoulder hurts, neck hurts, cats not well again, ccj now registered against me and to my name I have 5.45, 5 of which will be used for electricity and thats about it.  So much for eating

People compain about being skint but end up buying new games for the xbox 360, lagging the house or putting in new carpets and then lecture me because I go out and spend a few quid a night on beer.  Yes bad thing to do when skint, just lost control of it this month, so its job hunting this week.

There is a local PC repair type role just up the road, five hours a week on top of what i do now is nothing.  Does make me think that my dedication to work might be misplaced.  Its definatly been a reason amonst it all why all my relationships have failed and no more apparanent than the last one that just went wrong.

Im out of time. Best ever oasis song?


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