Suceeding at failing – aka dating

ok a breig update on the 60 quid that was wasted on  I will write to them and ask them to claim how exactly hey define too many women in order to make a statement, hell with work the way it has been if thats a misleading statement i will take it further… So the stats are at the start of the third month… no sorry nearing the end of the third month

Winks sent – shedloads
Winks back – 0
Emails sent – Loads
replies back…. 1

However the good news is that 3 months in im almost going to be on for the full 1 year ugrade.  Well at least I think thats osme sort of positive.

s741481937_8272Anyways a friend of mine who happens to be a taxi driver told me about a lass called Nerys who is aparantly a bit of a trollop but is so because she cant find anyone nice.  On that theory of being nice and having the ability of being walked all over I asked some colleagues about her. She is also a “nice” girl.  Colleague 1 siad she would help but then it transpired that she doesnt really know her since they went to school many years ago , aka fuck you.  Person no 2 liked me from years go but its never going to happen but doesnt want to see me with her even tho all of a suddent they just started going out with each other to the pub.

So tonight I did somethign REALLY stupid.. Found her on facebook and asked her if she is the Nerys that goes to the rugby club near me, if so hi if not sorry for sounding somewhat stalkerish.  Yep doomed to failure.  God this is from a man who said he would be in town playing darts and asked a lass if he wanted to join hi for a drink… shame shes an old old ex flame.

So tomorrow welcomes the first marxworld poll. Ill post 2 intros for datins sites and let the net dcide what one is the better.

Apologies for spelling, just a touch tired.

Suceeding at failing – aka dating

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