Darts Night

Well like the therapist said, get out there and do different things, for me this has meant joining the darting prowess of my local team.  Not played in more than a few years, longer than the cliche to long to want to remember.  Still tonight should be intersting as we are away to the city / shitty just down the road.  Tonight will be interesting..

Well I was right it was interesting.

Down the pub nice and early to warm up and not take things too seriously.  That lasted till the 2nd pint when the rest of the team wanted some pressure games.  Doubles it was and the other team was surprised to see us all banging away at it.

Walking through the doors, I will quote star wars here

“You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany…,”
Obiwan (Ben) Kenobi said. Well, I think you can. Everyone has those “dark places” in their world. Post them up and lets compare.

Ok its not that bad and I am far from being posh or judgemental as half the people in there have either slept with each other, smoked or taken substances with each other.  Its that sort of place like in westerns where you walk in, the piano stops playing and the words choosen have to be precise even to drunken lots where things are easily taken the wrong way.  This was always going to be an odd night, time for export.  The magic darts figure here is 3 pints or 3.5 but never 4 or 5, thats when it goes to pot. After that its six pint nirvana.

“whos the captain” Blank looks around and in the haze of 2 pint confidence I stupidly say “thatll be me then” and their captain was the lovely Thea.  At this point there was that strange feeling thats not been about for a while, my face felt like a  hammer smashing into slate, a smile formed.  Shit thats not good by any stretch of the imagination.  Its that sort of meeting with a woman that just works, words flew easily for once in how ever long.  The third pint was starting to do down really well.  Least it stopped the mind over analysing and dont worry im not that stupid to think she likes me, well not just on the almost 3 pint limit.

Time for darts

I lost in the single match, was doing ruddy well for a bit as well.

What i have been noticing (jeesuz jumping from one point of time to another) is that shes obviously not flirty but clever enough to get attention, anyone get what I mean?  So at the 5 pint mark before doubles shes talking to the army lads ben and dave.  Not jealous as such but just, well, hmm how to I write this. A part of me wanting to be talked to, sheesh that sounds girl.  Next thing you know, make eye contact and im still just on the right side of drunk to smile without looking like Hannible Lector ready for his next feasting.  She then moves over and before you know it we are stood next to each other with positive body language.  This is “nice” in the good sense of the word.  Perhaps because I look the least threatening and laid back thats why a shine has been taken.

Still we are just talking, time to put the music on at the juke box.  Small talk untill I open up with the line , are you single then. Insted of a no there was a ermm, ummm kinda. “bollocks, I even checked for a ring” music was put on, merryment was had and doubles commenced

won in the doubles, well my partner threw the clinching dart and overall the team managed a win, just.

People from the team start drifting home, a previous ex ex walks in so its time to hammer on with some practise whilst waiting for food and a lift outta here.  Again THea and I are just chattign and im cold at this point at which she gives me her lovely red jumper to wear to keep warm.

Things I could of said
“how about you keep me warm”
“does this jumper feel as good as you”
or more apporiatly “thank you”

What I came out with was “cheers its a bit bobbly isnt it”  Damnit to hell.  Still it was a rather nice and warm jumper, nice and warm now I think on it.  If only I could remember how the rest of the night went but I know there was no phone number exchanged…. shit.. yes there was I think.  Did I or did I not give her my business card (yes… I know.. Fail

Darts Night

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