The saga month 3

Gah back to this. Last night I realised that Im 15 days away from the system beating me and only having 6 months instead of 12, time for a re write and comments (all monitored) to help are welcome.

This was what I started out with….
I never seem to really meet any interesting isngles or it might be that my social networkd is composed largely of couples or single men, either way I thought its time to give this online thing a bit of a bash.

So after a session in the pub Im thinking.
Well here it goes trying to write something in this box.  What is it about these boxes that suck all reasonable intelligence and wittyness from you leaving you staring at a box for ages, thinking of a witty hook line to get noticed? after all most of my time is spent in quick thinking situations.  Looking at the competition on here, are people reading this really that interested in how long Ive been single or just out of a relationship, surely thats for another convo but hey ho, back to the topic in hand

It shows how problematic at times this can be as I was going to start a siloque about cheese but after seeking some advice, this may scare off people, however theres nothing wrong with a bottle of wine now and again with a cheese board and an open log fire (yep I have one). I guess at heart there is a romantic sod in there somewhere.  (Avoided cheese but then went cheesey..dear god lol)

Are you a sunrise or sunset person? myself either are great however the night owl in me means that most sunrises are missed but at least this year on the longest day, sat out on a boat, fishing for mackrel, I got to see it come up and then from the balcony of the local go down.  Happy days

As you can see, trying here not to use the standard use of adjectives to do this bit about me but I am a charming, happy, life and soul of the party on a good night, on another night a mingler, so equally happy going out wild or relaxing nights in.  Does that mean im indecisive, no idea 😉 (Irony is great at times) but I am happy to go wherever situations may lead if this makes any sense.

So what about you? (well match.coms advice did say to leave inviting a response lol)

Well thats just been posted. a few women emailed so lets see what happens (epic fail predicted)

The saga month 3

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