a lesson in friendship aka how to get pissed on

Forgot to post an update on the last few fridays.
story goes like this

friday night drinks me and 2 other colleages are having a quick beer after work, for some reason this has come back about again whcih thinking on it is because the ball and chain is out.  So SP is at the bar and pipes up about GD saying that its like ships in the wind and they never seem to meet up with people

So i just mention is because that hes hardly out ne more which is fair enough, because unless im wrong I never see them out and trust me being an almost home from home in the pub I would see them.  however hsi
chest puffs out to go I take offence to that, and then starts saying they are out loads and is a bit shrty and some what pompus in the reply..  So i jsut then mention ok, when was the last time we were all out… a week and a bit ago

I said ahh ok a week, what about before then
no reply
then his misses cops in going on about how expensive it was etc etc obviously getting on the defensive back bone that rears up now and again.

My retort was the rather valid point that its not the issue abotu going out but when did we all socialise together.  And that seeing someone in just over a week doesnt really count as regular.  She then goes on about the cost of it all  till i just say wind the neck in

Right Time for a rant
Fuck sake get a grip sometimes, the same person complaining abotu the cost of things doesnt have rent to pay, ok chips in with rent, no mortgage, little in the way of bills ,doesnt work a fullworking week, 20 or so hour, has 2 part time jobs to make up those hours which one of them is and and when she pleases, still manages to spend on other things, go out for expensive meals and lives in a house with an income of 2 and does have it quite good..  Doesnt have to chop wood or pay for coal and generally life for her is pretty damn sweet.

Am I jealous, is this the rantings of someone who has an axe to grind.  No, but I am pissed off at the attitude of bringing shit like that up and the whole money things.

Heres some stats. To make ends meet I work 3 jobs now in a week for 70 hours, yes I goto the pub a LOT and thats my cross to bear.  Do I drink a lot, no I make sure that its a couple at the veyr most in the week ebcause yes its a touch expensive.  If i didnt then thats my social life gone so yes I do go down there. DO i buy shoes or amazon stuff no but the one thing that I do have above amongst anything else in my life is not the wishing to rub peoples knose on it or seek sympathy for something thats bollocks

<end rant?>

Swing back to friday just gone and they said they would come down th me local and watch some dars. yea yea heard allthsi before

If you aska friend to come out to play when you are a kid and after a whie its always no, no, no then what happens you dont ask and then stop bothering, you know its the sort of we will be out then never do, the odd time thats fair enough but you start realising after a month or 2 that when they dont tunr up, just like the ime i put plans on hodl for my day to help out with loggin and they went to the pub instead and forgot to tell me or even let me know, ebcaus after all why would i want to goto the local carnival,, anyways i digress

in walks SP, GD and SW saying “oh you not coing to the party tonight”…

no what party is that then, knowing full well that was a total arse fuck in the way that it was said (oh i hear the protestations of innocence but i know when someones having one over on me)

and that was that, off they all went
So readint things you might be thinking ah well it was a private party.  Nope it wasnt it was just a do of some sorts and thats when I started thinking on about the situation and its made me realise that things as they were are gone.

There is no friendship where it counts or thoughts for others. SP has often been quoted as look after yourself first and tuck anyone else no matter what the cost as logn as number one comes first. Ok i get tha in some respects but couple that with arrogance that has been fuelled somewhat for some reason.

People are saying shit and not even remembering. The famous commesnts liek “my friends are too good for you” or “id never introduce you to any of my mates” still ring in my head, you dont forget statements like that, tho conveniently .. they do

But this is the cru.  Things have changed, people have moved on and I have no doubt now that its time for me to move soon.  I can see if even if people cant that in a lot of way life here is over for me for now.  Sure I my work is going well, 3 jobs and im trying my hardest to turn the financial situation around.  Just seems to me now that old traits are still there, no one wants to talk, or “get involved” because that would mean being in the true sense of a word… a friend.

a lesson in friendship aka how to get pissed on

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