Supermarket sweep, blogging, not bitter at all, and are people REALLY That stupid

Rather than random thoughts going around my head, this is what I call a brain dump.  I often write these down to analyise a few things, just how screwed up I am and b, well I never read old posts again ever.  Anyways on food that you cook and put in the oven etc like chips, why are the instructions at the top of the packet.

It doesnt make sense because when you invariably rip the packet open you ruin the instructions as they become stretched thus dooming you to either undercooked or incinerated fries.

Another thing, when you buy chops and it shows the weight, is that including ALL the packaging, was it wetter when it was cut or stuff like that.  So I am taking a stand and wil be taking my own scales into the shops, well why the hell not, it cant be another ore annoying than people who walk and then just stop, you bang into them getting a look of indignaty that you didnt predict all the variables about what they were up to and not knowing that  at that precise spot and time, was the most ideal place in the world to hold a conversation.  I mean god forbid that you move over to let people past because that would mean  having t use manners.

Whilst on the subject of shopping, why is it you can always get more into the basket than a shopping bag. I walk in and get a nice basketfull that fills up at a ratio of 4 to 1.  It takes 4 times as long to re pack everything into the carrier bags thus causing delays and who doesnt hate it when the impatient sod next to you starts unloading as you are loading up.  You top that off with the teenage kids walking around with sodding emo hair cuts or just stepped out of a loreal frigging shower commercial  sussing you up in the shitty work clothes you wear. Its either them or the wino’s, the mid forties who pour disdain on the by one get one free lager.  Look its cheap it does the job and frankly wine is a sociable drink and as its my cat and me ready to get hammerd night after night dont judge.  It might look a lot posher but PAH, drink romainian cab sav and then come back to me!

Finally, stupid people
I am not intelligent, I failed most if not all exams, never went to uni (gutted) but i still managed to start up a little company with nothing more than passion (dying) and common sense.  So why, dear god do people do the following and expect service

Example 1.
Phone rings, pick up phone, “hello thank you for calling XXXXX how can I help”
Customer – “Is that XXXXX”

No its fucking not, you just happened to call the wrong number and on that wrong number I jus thappened to give you the name of the company that you called.  For god sake pay attention, its not like there isnt a momentary pause and a good clear phone line.

Example 2
opening line
Customer “i placed an order where is it”

Yes thats right, fucking psychic, because of course you are the only customer that we have and im bound to know each and every moment on your order that you placed… See next rant

Example 3
Customer “wheres my order”
Us : “Do you have your order id or details handy”
Customer : “no”
Us : “When did you order”
Customer : “cant remember”

Yes ok make it easy why dont you, its not like you dont have 2 emails to tell you what you ordered and then one to confirm payment with, guess what, the feking order id on it. I mean come on seriously, if you had those details you would be off the line going about your existence instead of making me waste my life on stupid assed questions because you are too lazy to read the FAQs that were emailed, linked to and raised all over the site.

There will be more later on but for right now im way too pissed off with the stupidity of people but finally.  If you cant speak english properly and no this isnt a racist type rant (which btw i hate having to justify that its not in this tolerantly intolerant society) and you cant spell your name, or even say your email address, are you really best equipt to be doing something like watercooling your pc, upgrading it?

Supermarket sweep, blogging, not bitter at all, and are people REALLY That stupid

One thought on “Supermarket sweep, blogging, not bitter at all, and are people REALLY That stupid

  1. gribz says:

    Dude, I could have told you long ago that people are fucking stupid, pathetic, idiotic morons with barely an ounce of common sense to share between their McDonald’s ravaged, Eastenders melted braincell..

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