Weekend updates

Bugger why do I always forget to write things down when I think of them.  Still time to post a few updates from thew eekend Where to start, well as always darts night.. yes I know how it sounds but bear with me…

To me its just a plain excuse to go out the house once a fortnight and to just hang out with people doing something vaguely competative.  Its not much , they really arent in the traditional sense called friends but heck its better than sitting where Ithe breeze seems to be never ending despite the amount of logs thrown on the fire to just take the slightest chill off the place.  Having no heating sucks as the weekend demonstrated when I was glad that we hit the dizzying heights of about 5 degrees in the day.  Back to darts

As with ost things there are the ups and downs and that was no exception.  New people joined that are part of the family who run the local and have signed up, people who werent due to turn up turned upa dn now it seems the captaincy is offically mine (wtf).  Still everyone played well especially myself who threw out of his skin despite fast encroaching pint 5 and just after a conversation about why me and the ex before this ex had to be dealth with.  O and the lass that Ive had that little soft spot for.. well her ex was there as well.  All interesting and not at all uncomfortable at times.

Not as bad as getting back to the local pissed after a 6 – 2 victory and shouting YES at the top of my voice arms aloft when simply asked “have you won”

cold.  Damn cold.  Despite the radiator between my legs on top of my toes, wearing my work gear in the house.  Every breathe I can see the mist coming out into the air, even putting a hat on doesnt take the chill off.  Thats about all I can remember before giving up, heading back to bed till it started to get dark and being able to muster some energy to light the fire.  After lighting that and taking the slight chill off down the pub.  Uneventfull night, no one out that I knew bar Simone who didnt come over and talk to any of us but she did look stunning.  Least I got to talk to her before never seeing here again.  Thats supposed to be a good thing right?

cold (again) but hungover from hell after bashing the last bit of sensability out from me in the last 2 nights sessions.  To give you an idea of how cold it is, boil a kettle, leave for a min.  Should take a very short while to get back up to temp.  Nope mine has to basically reboil I kid you not.  However waking up was different. This is beyond tired.  Its like your body feels like a lump, theres nothing there, no energy or movement, wil to move and even trying to get up and stir myself was the hardest challenge.  As I write this on what day I only assume to be wednesday because of the Big Bang Theory being on tv, everyday has been the same since.

It was for some reason Bingo night and my luck was well and ture as i was indeed the only person not to win anything.  Got to love that.

Weekend updates

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