Small update

well, the phone call came in yesterday on time and its all been agreed so far that Dubai so far is looking like its going to happen. For a big part of me going there before new years, seeing the new year in a new country would be ace but from the sounds of it the sign off guy is now off till next year

The only one reservation I have is what to do with my cat, smug. I really cant bare the thought of letting her go to be re homed what so ever but then again a cattery for a month wouldnt be ideal or leaving her at home alone with just people popping in either. Thats the only downside to all this.

Thinking positive for once, ill earn in just about a week what it takes me a month to earn, hopefully the living costs over there arent too bad. Just having a quick look at the surfing scenario in dubai… looks like there is none, plenty of beaches there tho and the weather right now is 20 degrees

On another downside the apartment, although paid for has no net… big BIG downside for me and it could be one of these shared apartment scenarios as well. Could be good to share a house but with being on my tod for so long that’s an odd idea now.

So basically its a touch of excitement, anticipation outright fear of leaving a comfort zone thats been mine for a few years. Nothings signed, nothing in finalised or in writing so im not going to get that excited just yet!

Small update

One thought on “Small update

  1. gribz says:

    Good luck dude, I hope you get it, a friend of mine is considering going out there driving the big cranes.. you can probably make a fuck ton of money and it’s tax free.. let me know as soon as you find out !

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