Strange Dreams – Again

So last night after going for a long walk after crashing out on the sofa the moment I walked through the house door, watching mindless crap on tv such as Clone, whos only redeeming feature is the ginger hair irish lass who, if god had a perfect mould, definatly created her with it, added a touch of garnish and then gave her an irish deep accent, I finally drifted off into the land of nod.  Dream specialists keep reading

We are in the house the ex and I talking, for some reason shes ironing black clothes and trousers especially and its  deep conversation and just wish I could remember what.  I know shes on a higher level than me and she bends down from the table where the ironing is going on and kisses me on the forehead and I physically felt it.  Its an actual condition where you start to experience actual sensations when in a dream like state.  Wish I could remember the name of it and its not the first time this has happened dream wise.  Anyways why am I dreaming about situations like this?

” Ironing

To dream of ironing, denotes domestic comforts and orderly business.

If a woman dreams that she burns her hands while ironing, it foretells she will have illness or jealousy to disturb her peace. If she scorches the clothes, she will have a rival who will cause her much displeasure and suspicions. If the irons seem too cold, she will lack affection in her home. “

Hmm none of that applies in my dream.

Strange Dreams – Again

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