The Dub Update

Its the day before the day before and its manic, matters not helped by some of the people I work with being messy bastards at work, coming into work tired and then having energy drinks to leave you short tempered and rushing around making mistakes is just winding me right up now.

If you are going to paste a cpu heres a novel idea, chuck the fucking paper away you used to clean it and again, a novel idea, put the lid BACK on top of the cleaner and the paste.  Quirky and somewhat revolutionary ideas I know but its the future I tell you and one day, it might just make the world a better place.

So a quick update. Spoke to my contact and its looking like the 1st – 2nd week of Jan and then its about 3 weeks. Details are still sketchy about the quality of the hardware but more than likely to be stuff ranging from p3’s upwards with varying degrees of not enough memory.

The site itself is still undiscolsed and the guy who signs me off on the contract has just headed back to oz.  Accomodation will be taken care of in the form of a serviced hotel apartment (whatever that means) so itll be good to have nice clothes that dont take 2 days to dry out in front of a log fire for a change.  Food and night time activities are a touch of a concern still though assurances have been made that “it’ll be a grand ol time”

Personally, self sabotaging thoughts have been kept in check with more excitement than dread being the call of day although steadfastly refuse to actually acknowledge its going to happen till 2 stages.  1 contact is on my desk, 2 on the plane and on the way there.

Optimistically, there seems to be no real IT personell there. When I say real I talk about ground troups, the second liners who can fix things, not just middle management types who seem to talk but never really have anything to say or get decisions made but can have input by making strange monotone noises which only other middle management can decipher.  This somehow gets translated into budgets and then down the line to the person a the bottom who ulitmately has too much work to do and too little time so middle management decide that the best motivation is to pile on pressure by using management remarks as “we really need to see those results” or as in McDonalds speak when its three deep in customers and running around more than healthy and saftey allow, shouts “lets see some more hussle”

With the lack of IT there may be a chance there in optimism land however meeting the right people and not knowing the protocol to know the people in the know to get a piece of the cake… Well, some part hopes that down in the deep bowels there is the bit of me that was once aspired to and using finally, all teh years of experience, pull off something special.  I think if it works, ill be gutted to have to come back home…

The Dub Update

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