Boxing day updates

I have already started to write another post, got side tracked and that bought about doing some reverse blogging as always.  Well after failing miserably to make it to dads for xmas day, and yes I did try right up to the point of having a breakdown about it but coming back from that brink yet again, I made the trip up.  Ok yes I was up late as it was cold and only saw dad for an hour or so but all was not last as I spent most of it with my little sister and her mum, That was ace and the best bit about xmas by far.  I think I almost feel all brotherly when with her and more than guilty with about 14 messags on my phone wanting me to come over for xmas day dinner….

Still the day was spent putting them on the internet (I know shock horror) and whilst its only 512mb, Im guarantreed to stay more in touch with her, after all at the tender age of 9 shes editing pop settings in outlook express already  Shes going to drama schol and ballet classes and to top that little lot off shes a clever so and so as well.  Its brotherly pride I will feel when shes subbing me to goto the pub and stay out of her life when she does hit the big time.

At 7pm its time to leave, cats do need ot be tended to and with the weather dropping to minus 4 i put the hammer down to get home in a record time.  See smug who was not impressed at the lack of a fire being kept for her (reminds me where is she now…) and down the pub for a boxing day drink.

Everyone was out and the night was good, just one of those nights where spirits are lifted, a touch of sillyness ensudes and just a general good old time.  Hard to transfer into words especially when things start going  a touch surreal.

Bird one, who looked like someone whos been entering my mind, yet whom has never been seen by me before was chatting up all and sundry.  Even came near me and upon seeing that all collegaues and even a member of the bar staff encourgaed…well.. took the piss to try and talk to her. She comes up.. slowly goes past and I say…well.. Nothing, complete mental freeze. Luckily tho as she was making bee lines for you typical 6’2 broadshouldered welshman and being short fat with a touch of ginger, theres no competition.   Still at the end of the night its a question of shes just coming otu of a bad wedding, relationship or wahtever and to stay away.

Later that night another lass just seemed to be end up talking near us lot and then to us lot, however with time pressing on  and the need to ensure that a full state of being pissed is reached, any signs hat were to be picked up on were more than missed. Thinking back yes there was a brief moment where a quick wip, a line or something carismatically crapily funny would have done the job but i went to talk to other people and she starts talking to GD.  A few moments later they are gone and not seen again in 30 mins… Interesting as aparantly thats her brothers outside whch again turned out to be her fella or her ex, something along those lines.

So finally, after 2 instances of potential “he who dares moments”, other people have gone home, the pub has wound down, the only thing remaining is to sup up and do the walk up the hill at about -2.  JG puts his arm around me and says mate we got to find you a woman, your a nice lad, not that bad looking and theres someone out there.   I wish I could believe that.  The obvious reminicing comes about in my mind, remembering back…365 days ago.

Boxing day updates

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