If youre cold, be greatfull its not world war 2….

Yes as odd as that may sound, this was the response to when I was telling people the other night just how cold it is with the one fire I have to heat up my house (see the pic) When commenting about theres no central heating, the econ 7 heatures (no tthat I can afford to run them ) are shockingly bad, the comment, well you should be greatfull you arent in world war 2, and I said what the hell relevance does that have, why stop there, why not make it world war 1 or the nam or the boa war. Seriously some people just make me want tshout shut the fuck up and just get something of a reality check. If you feel like that then why not dontate all your wages to them week in week out, no, because its not pissing relevant. So does this mean I should feel bad because I have a hosue and somehwere to live because there are people worse off.. and thats just the point, no matter how bad there is someone or something worse off for you but if you dwell on that its a dangerous position to livein because you never want to move up or on.

Today has been a complete pisser.  Day started off well with someone on match.com actually sending me a.. WINK, yes after 120 views over 4 months thats it.  So, taking some initiative, a carefully honed reply was tortured over, pervuying wit, cleverness and letting my personality shine through.  Heres my email..  Bearing in mind this is her profile…


Can YOU sweep me off my feet?

25 year old bubbly brunette looking to be swept off my feet and treated with respect, I have lived on my own for over 4 years now and think I am ready to meet someone special.
My perfect match will be succesful, independant, caring, fun person who likes crazy nights out and lovely nights in…looking for the real thing not just sex

Subject: I have the biggest brush….
To sweep you off your feet of course. Ok THAT was tacky but hopefully it got a groan at an attempt to make a good(ish) first impression. Thanks for the wink, how are you finding this site so far? Any plans for NYE yet?

Yes.  That was as good as I could muster, sheesh is it any wonder that singledom becomes.  Times like this it really makes me wonder what part of me women found attractive when going out with me.  Still at least the giving up gene has finally, FINALLY kicked in…

If youre cold, be greatfull its not world war 2….

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