and the new Dr. Who is..

Well as I write this before the bg announcement I cant say who it is but you can guarantee that it wont be the femal econtender for it, the role is way to  male dominated and chock full of action scenes for it to be re cast in a womans role (I await the feminists responsies to this however…

Russel T Davies does love the so called shock factor.  Look at the outright train wreck that is Torchwood.  A show that combines dodgy plot lines with an almost american cliche ethnically diverse group which is normally found in board meetings to show that massive corporations are “complying with fair employee regulations.”

Back to Torchwood.  Lead actor is gay.  So.. O look prime time gayness finally hits the bbc disguised as being plot leading and in no way an interpretation of some perhaps hidden repression on his part?  I mean a geek wanting to be a super hero.. Theres a surprise

Yoshi. The chinese, socially awkard one.  Might as well go ahead and give her a Nikon camera to take pictures with

Owen, is that the dodgy guy with the lisp
and the welsh one who is kinda fit one minute and then the not and low and behold in shock tv scandal, has had affiars (is there anyone in tv land that hasnt or doesnt want to)

all thats missing is a black person and you are there

and thats why my prediction for the new doctor will be, for the first time ever, a black doctor.  Now reading this you might think thats ll im concentrating on and willfully ignoring the acting credentials of whomever gets the role.  However wont the media be saying exactly the same thing and making a big hoo haa about it as well.  It should rank up there about hom important for james bond to have black hair and not daniel craigs blonde.  At the end did it matter or detract from the role of story ?

A quick note on the Dr Who Chrismas special. Did it at times just seem bloated with a trademark 30 second explanation of something life changing to the other Doctor conveniently chucked in and, once again, ending in the complete anhiliation of the Cybermen. Perhaps leaving an antagonising hint one might have survived works better but thats just me.  

Its a shame that the series long arc seems to be a dying trend as Farscape demonstrated well but thats for a different post.

and the new Dr. Who is..

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