confused overthinking…

Confused.  There i am in work almost getting by a 2nd day of getting up at 7am to be in work at 8 when I get the following

A random text im sure you will but but thought u may like  to know that travis and perkins in hwest near snow drop lane are giving away free fire wood

Sent to me from… the EX.

7 months down the line and all of a sudden I get a text and I have no idea what to make of it, well i had no idea what to make of it.  Still I did reply with

cool many thanks will be a great help that

whereas it SHOULD OF BEEN

Thanks for the heads up. Hope you and family are well

Never ever respond straight away to a text out of the blue like that.  Just hard to when its like a small explosion happening in your insdies. It was a touch epcted tho because, and this does sound more than odd, i had itcy nipples which has always lead to contact.

So after going a bit wobbly and over thinking things above and beyond any sensability Ill just take it that it means nothing and was just “One of those things” I suppose.

Yes yes ok there was the smallest part of me to think “what if…”  fortunately sense kicked in and realizing why this situation came about, that soon stopped.  

I know I shouldnt let small things like this bug me out and bring me down, after all in the next day or so I find out if Im oing away.  Funny how odd things like this happens at times.

Anyways if you should be a female reader and care to interpret why I would get a text like that out of the blue.. answers on a postcard.

confused overthinking…

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