for the love of…

Sheesh, is karma trying to just have a bit of a dig at me at the moment or what? Get up early, embark on a massive tidying operation, start sorting lots out. So far so good, now this afternoon Im offically ill with a cold and a runny nose to end all runny noses. Its like being a kid again apart from this time Ihave to wipe it clean and not just let it congeal in the cold like I would normally.

So a pereson I do some work for bought me a gas heater and a bottle for warmthness. Good stuff there!

Back to work to find out that the van wont start due to a crappy battery (from the same supplier again) so thats now in the car where taking off the old one, now shows no fuel in the tank even tho there is.

and worst of all. Where the hell is my passport. It was put “safe” when the ex was with me. House has been ransacked yet again in order to try and find it. Im SURE that ive seen it so now, along with being stressed, tired cold and ill, the hunt for the passport needs to continue.. after all im supposed to be flying on saturday.. or friday (well depending on my centimentality of wanting to play darts on friday…)

for the love of…

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