The case of the missing passport

So the story of the passport

I think when the mortgage woman came over she took it with her
obviously me and the ex split up
and not needed it till now.
Chased mortgage company and women there we dealt with has left
but.. SOMETHIGN was posted back to us way in june
to the ex
but never collected from the post office.
There was no return address on there or anything like and and because it was sent recorded, for some reason the post office have held it
Mortgage company have asked for it back so it might be a few days to find out where and what is in there. Could be the passport or not.

Was that desperate I even texted the ex in a vauge hopefull move that she might respond, after all she did mention about the logs so surely, she would reply? Oddly enough no reply and to be honest im a little saddend by that. Spent ages making sure that I text her in a nice, polite way to see if there was any hope of not having to to the following

At the moment its looking like
getting up at 5.30.
Catch 6.20 train
Get to Newport at 9 ish
get to passport office at 10
to hand in forms to get it on a up to 7 day service (might be quicker if I really sweet talk them)

However all this will cost money (150 notes all in) and thats what I dont have at the moment. Everything is more than maxed out to say the least. In other words… Fuck..

>< that close to earning some sensible money to be stuffed at the last minute.

The case of the missing passport

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