When pressure mounts up – update

Fook sake…
Friday Night.
bloody good night by all accounts. Darts was ace, got pissed, let slip to the wrong people that next week we play the team with Kryptonite woman in it.

up at 6am, got a lot done, passport photos done. Shopping, sorted out potential cattery as Ive decided that I cant let people “pop” in all the time as shes a very peopley cat after all. However this means tomorrow get a vet signature to say thats shes been vaccinated. (more cost)

Lie in… great. Just whats needed. And then I woke up. 1 message about the dubai job being off if I cant get there in the next few days and then a msn conversation saying get it sorted or we are off. Fuck…

Problem is, as always, money. 115 quids for the passport
25 quid for the train
10 quid for parking (half day)
5 quid for food.

I knew I should of transferred the money from payal to my account sooner, however with bein too busy with work that leaves me no time to do anything for me, hence me being in this situation.

Brainwave, im owed 220 for a laptop, nocked that down to 200 for somethings thats not too bad being honest, only to be told TODAY that they might not want it.

Best case scenario is that if they take it, train tomorrow morning, get passport sorted and then job done. I can tell them its on the way in all honesty and not have to blag anything what so ever.

So at this moment in time

10 Wait to see if people want the laptop
20 if people want laptop then job done
30 if peple dont want laptop, run down local and try and flog it to the bangli workers there using shit laptops
40 if 30 fails ask work for a temp loan to get sorted
50 if all fails wait till the powers that be of paypal transplant the money into my account.

In other words I have to wait for other peope to do things which always means epic fails await when things are out of your hands.

will update as and when

Update at 1644 (8.44pm dubai time)
Well that wasnt good. Called the guys in Dubai and it seems that there is a massive amount of pressure for them to get someone there as soon as.  I now have to wait till tomorrow to find out whats going on and if Im going.  Ive basically said that the earliest a passport is wednesday.  Latest is friday but that went down like a lead ballon.  So, for now and from the tone of his voice.  It seems that things are off.

Update at 0059 – 4am dubai time
email sent to see if a situaion can be salvaged.  Met Sp down the pub and said that come what may im out of the ofice for a few weeks even if t is onl london.  Ive made apoint that in no way shape or form am I ungreatfully for what Id do or that goes on just that frustration has set in.  At this moment in time and in my world Ie writted off the dubai project barring a minor miracle.  A great start to a new year again….

When pressure mounts up – update

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