When timing goes wrong

Crap on a crap stick.. For some reason I thought I wasnt leaving the house till 3pm. Just worked out that I have to leave at MID DAY. Thats put all the plans I had in a complete kerfuffle.

Damn my laid backness. Today is going to be a busy one to say the least. 3 things going on at once should make it a bit interesting and not to mention that the nerves and scale of things are hitting me.

Fly tomorrow at 5 ish get to dam at 7, leave there at half nine, arrive dubai at 6.20 AM then straight into work. Down time will be on the plane only. Taking into account its +4 hours there might make things bearable.

Whats struck me as being odd will be the complete lack of alchol for 3 weeks more or less. thats going to be the hard part, upside being the pool and gym. Who knows if I can muster the spirit back in me, get into shape in 3 weeks then who knows, do I take up kickboxing again?

When timing goes wrong

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