Sunday shocker!

Even thought its very odd to start work on a sunday when you know back home you are either sleeping or knowing the fact that sunday is a day off I actually prefer the system they have over there.  Just makes things easier to do and one of the things id like to take back with me. The most common complaint that back home is never being able to get things done in the working week, so by changing that to something different, who knows what might happen moving forward…….

Today however it was down tools time.  Everything was thrown into complete dissary when the main guy here tho signs off on everything, including yours truly was released by the company.  In itself unsettling but take into account that if you dont have a proper work visa, or you have a contact with acico or if you have salary outstanding with them, its more than likely you wont be here by the end of the week.  Not good.  Pondering what to do next and a few brief chats later my bag was packed and back to the hotel I trundled waiting to see what the next few hours, days bring.  

Sunday shocker!

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