Monday – Still not at work.


What an ace lie in this morning, caught up on some episodes of lost last night much later sensible bed times are supposed to be (again).  The sun is shining, its a lovely 22 degrees here however this adds to the frustration of needing to get paid to go out and be able to do stuff.  Cant really spend much at the moment because, if it comes down to it, money is needed for a flight home, thats the worst case scenario.

Tonight’s lovely jobs included finishing off a daily task list report, dropping present IT in the crap for doing bugger all and slowing me down.  I just want to crack on but now with 2 days out of action, coupled with only a 30 day limit, there’s no real way everything can get done now unless I’m back in work tomorrow.  At least timesheets, invoices and everything like that have been submitted and whilst its nice the laptop and I will take a trip to the veranda for a spot of al fresco blogging and working.

Still the word is not to do anything more now until contracts are signed off (again) and the directive is passed down from high.  Being told that things are looking positive is one thing but talk is cheap and being out here certainly isn’t so nothing more will come from me until payment has been received and you know, if I try really hard, just might grow a set of balls and ask for next week up front..  you can never be to carefull.

Monday – Still not at work.

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