The waiting continues

Can you guess where I am at the moment, thats right in the hotel room yet again waiting to see what’s going on. As I said in yesterdays blog, getting what should be implemented done is now impossible. Well technically its not but its going to mean a lot of hours and hours means money at time and a half. Seeing as cutbacks are being made thats night likely to happen.

Across the hall from me a meeting is going on with best ear wigging going on to find out anything. An hour later the meetings ended and still no wiser as to whats going on, My deadline is fast approaching today of 4pm to start looking at ways to get home. Over-reaction? Possibly but the money situation is tight (damn my stupid optimism yet again thinking this was going to be easy)

DC is back as well so thats the end of my net surfing and as much as the Emirates mall is big, after a few days of walking and eating there a change is needed. Might go and see what the pool is like, chill out in the sauna if I can find the thing. If the phone rings so be it, hoops are not being jumped through for anyone. Stressed.

Slight update (those of you on RSS how does that work if you update an old post?) Well there should be some resolution today and I put the chip in that work isnt going to happen without payment up front. Half a week has been lost so far which kills all my plans of getting rich, paying off debts and heading towards my bday in a much better position than I am now.

Word is that im moving from here to a serviced apartment on Sheik, pronounced She Yuk fyi, which is just across the road from the site. Good and bad, better and cheaper bars but being used to where I am now , not much to do out of work in that area. Its also on Dubais busiest road to boot.

Mid day here so time for some food and find an elusive wireless hotspot thats free. One thing for sure in Dubai is that nothing is free!

The waiting continues

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