Well still no real update. There is a meeting going on at the time of writing this and aparntly there is a bit of negotiating going on.  First expenses aren’t covered from this point but I was amazed I got that bit to start with.  My daily rate will be going up but now theres some hoo haa about where they wanted me based and that it could mean me contributing to it from whats been overheard so far.  If thats the case then I wave bye bye to Dubai.  Did just hear that tickets would be sorted out come what may as it wont be valid should the need arise to come back early…..

Man o man what is it with January. Always starts the same year in year out. Start off with optimism (well not this year) and cracking on with things for it all to go tits up and be on the back foot forever more.  Was quite a bit down last night as well.  Thinking about things and with the pressure being on, wasnt a good state of mind to be in.  Have also noticed that when feeling down patterns emerge such as sleeping way to much than healthy and pacing around a room a lot, all that and the constant talking to myself even in public and not realising it as well.

Will update as and when I can, the nets shared here and stupidly slow


4pm my time 1200 your time
Just had one phone call to say that 80% of the people who were on the site in the room that I worked with have been given the boot. That was a major surprise.  That leaves me working out whats what.  Speaking to DH just a few moments ago on the phone the mood is somewhat somber and no real idea whats going on.  At least i’ll get paid for one week and get a ticket bought back home at the very least.  A week of trawling around dubai followed by a quit week to conserve a bit of money.  THings really just havent worked out like I had hoped. 

Got a distinct feeling that, once again, ill be heading back to normality with my tail between my legs.


Update 4.30 for you 8.30 for me

just had a phone call to say that a meeting was arranged for the other meeting at and that tomorrow 10 am i’ll know what the crack is.  They are interested in sorting out the IT but its coming down to costs and quibbling about the cost.  Upside is that my rate would be increased to compensate all this.  To be honest getting a bit fed up and in that wanting to come home mindset now.  Then again if I get paid ill stay but if not then id like to be on a flight and back for the weekend.


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