And there we have it

Just had the phone call to say that its all over for now at least.  Well for now at least I write as thats what Ive been told and trying to hold onto a little of optimism.  Thankfully Ive been assured that at least I go home with some pay

The phone call happened just a few mins ago but there might be some different work here for me. Getting picked up in an hour which is enough time for me to have a shower in this warm climate, take some more pics and then wait around with a brew.

Things left to do

Snowboarding lessons
Hit the waterpark
Go into the dessert

Cant believe I had one week of living and after this is back to struggling my ass off back home.  Trying not to get upset or angry about it.

Last night however was brilliant, is this karma in effect. Will write more laters.

And there we have it

One thought on “And there we have it

  1. Crystal says:

    Home with some pay, and a fantastic week in Dubai! I’d say that’s win/win.

    As for struggling back home, well, if this is what you want to do then go for it – a lot of folk would hate to work abroad, but you’ve seemed happier this week than for a long time. Look into it. :~)


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